Chip Caldwell, CMB

When did you earn your CMB designation?

How long did the process take you to complete?
5 months.

Which type of CMB designation did you achieve (Residential/ Executive/ Master)? Residential CMB.

What is your day-to-day job role in the industry?
Working for Equifax, I work with lenders and MI firms to improve operations and increase efficiencies throughout the lending lifecycle.

What originally influenced you to go forward with obtaining the CMB designation? Did you experience challenges on the way to becoming a CMB? 
The decision to obtain the CMB designation is a commitment to the Mortgage Finance industry. This is a great industry we work in, one that we can be proud of, and the CMB designation shows a commitment to our business.

Any advice for those considering CMB?

My only advice is: go for it! Once you earn the designation, the benefits accrue for a lifetime.

How has your professional life changed since going through the CMB program? 
Obtaining a CMB is a commitment to the industry, and the CMB designation gives you access to special webinars, networking opportunities, and information outside of the normal scope of day to day activities. I have never met a CMB who regretted the decision to obtain the designation.

Since obtaining your CMB, what have you done to give back to the mortgage banking industry? 
I have sponsored CMB candidates, been on a state MBA board, participated in CMB oral exams, and attended more state and nation conferences.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?
I have twins, 9 years old, Kate and Henry. Spending time with them and their activities takes up most of my days. The days are long but the years are short. I enjoy playing golf when I can.